company: Dormen Foods price: £1.49 per 100g bag

Expert's verdict...5/25

?The packaging is clearly aiming for a premium look but is, in fact, rather dull and unappealing. The nuts are soft and bland, contaminated by the sugary fruit pieces of papaya and mango. These are over-sweetened and rather chewy. The only items worth eating are the jumbo raisins, which are plump and fruity. At £1.49 for 100g, these are over-priced for a poor quality product. I would not buy this product.

Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar

Consumer's verdict...23/25

?The packaging is a little bland but it would, however, stand out on shelf because it is different from the bright colours of other nut packaging. One cannot help noticing the smell of the fruit upon opening the pack. Both the nuts and fruit are of top quality and look good when poured into a bowl. They taste as good as they look. The price is not cheap, but it is reasonable for the quality of the produce used and should be very popular for those who like a healthy snack. I would buy it again and again.

David Brooks, museum assistant, Epsom, Surrey

Overall verdict...28/50

Tapas al Minuto Company: Minster Fine Foods Launch Price : £1.49 Today's Price: £1.49 Acid test verdict: 41/50

Tapas al Minuto went down a treat with our Acid Test panel when sampled a year ago. Since launch, the meat tapas have also proven a hit with consumers.

Manufacturer Minster Fine Foods claims the range is now worth in excess of £1.5m in retail value. It has listings in Waitrose, Costco, Morrisons, Makro, Booths, Budgens and several independent delicatessens.

To build on the success, Minster Fine Foods is introducing new flavours. A large assorted tray of tapas will also be introduced in time for Christmas.