Expert's verdict16/25

?Judging by the colour of the bottle and label, I was expecting a berry-flavoured drink, but this contains peach and lemon juice. The bottle shape is uninspiring and the label design looks dated. The aroma is dominated by the peach juice, as is the taste, with the lemon flavour coming through as a slightly bitter aftertaste. Although the product is over-carbonated, it is still quite refreshing when drunk ice-cold. It certainly tastes a lot better than the more traditional energy drink.

Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar

Consumer's verdict 18/25

?I think the packaging lets the product down. It looks very much like a children's bottled soft drink. There is nothing particularly eye-catching or punchy about the bottle or label. Based on looks, I would not be drawn to it. Having said that, the taste is great. It is very fruity and refreshing and the aroma hints at the taste of the flavours. I think it would be a very easy drink to have on its own compared with other energy drinks that leave a sugary aftertaste.

Julia Hoadley, insurance broker, Heathfield, East Sussex

Overall verdict:34/50

Moo Milk

Company: Milk Link Beverages Launch price: 89p Today's price: 96p

Acid test verdict: 31/50

It looks as though Milk Link Beverages was on to a good thing when it decided to throw Mini Moo flavoured milks into the mix a year ago. Targeted at busy parents committed to healthy eating and increasing thirst for healthier kids' drinks, the range is made with semi-skimmed milk and contains no added sugar. Mini Moo has achieved listings for 3x200ml packs in Sainsbury's, Somerfield, Tesco and Morrisons. Sales in the past six months are up 50% on the previous half year, the company says.