Expert's verdict...2/25

?I'm seriously unimpressed with this range, which shows a remarkable lack of imagination. This is an attempt to capitalise on the premium flavoured crisp market, but uses a standard product with more 'specialised' flavours. You get just over half the weight of a standard Pringles pack for the same rsp and for what? - the word gourmet on the front of pack with a stylised product shot. The eat is just the same as a standard Pringles, but with some dubious flavourings. I found Tiger Prawn & Crushed Garlic to be particularly nasty.

Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar

Consumer's verdict...4/25

?Rather than reflecting what is supposed to be a premium product, the purple packaging makes it look cheap. It is unimaginative and dull. Still, at least the packaging nicely reflects what is inside. I was not impressed with the crisps, which were artificial tasting, particular the Steak & Onion flavour. Needless to say, I shall not be buying Pringles Gourmet again. In my opinion, the product has not got a chance of competing with rival offerings already in the marketplace.

William Collins, foreign exchange dealer, Surrey

Overall verdict...6/50

Cobra Lower Cal Company: Cobra Beer Launch Price : £3.78 per pack of four 330ml Today's Price: £3.38 per pack of four 330ml Acid test verdict: 34/50

Containing 94 calories per bottle and no fat, Cobra Lower Cal was launched as a "light beer not compromising on taste".

The tipple has so far done well, having gained nationwide distribution in supermarkets, including Sainsbury's and Tesco, and in bars.

Marketing director Simon Edwards says the name has contributed to its success: "With Cobra Lower Cal, it is clear about what it is, which appeals to today's discerning consumers."