Expert's verdict: 6/10

?These Snap Pots have been rolled out across Heinz' Baked Beanz and spaghetti Hoops products but, if successful, I expect Heinz will introduce other products in this format. Compared with cans, these are expensive but they are still likely to appeal to people who have little time and are willing to pay more for convenience. It seems like a natural way for Heinz to diversify the brand, and these are likely to have their place in the market. They are also likely to appeal people who want more portion control as it is just enough for a single person. They are also easy to heat in the microwave.

Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's

Consumer's verdict: 8/10

?I was impressed with the packaging for these pots. They are much more portable than the canned variety and it would be easy to carry one of the containers or a four-pack in your bag to work, for example, without spilling it. The pots were easy to microwave, and the concept saved me using a separate container to heat the beans and another to store the remaining beans in the fridge. I would definitely buy this product instead of the canned version, even at the higher price. The pots are easier to buy and much lighter.

Ceire Deery, television production editor, London

A year down the line... McDougalls Let's Cook range Company: Premier Foods Launch price: £1.99 Today's price: £1.99 Acid test verdict: 3.5/5

Premier Foods took over the McDougalls brand as part of its acquisition of RHM in March.

Since then the McDougalls Let's Cook range, which consists of packs of ready-to-cook pizza swirls that are intended to get children involved in cooking, has "not been a primary focus for the business and is therefore not in full distribution", a spokeswoman said.