Expert's verdict: 6.5/10

?Choc Amoré is the latest brand to enter the cream liqueur category, a sector dominated by Diageo-owned Baileys. The liquid is light in style and has a pleasant creamy chocolate taste with hazelnut flavours. Everything is completely geared towards a 'girly' consumer and the pricing is pretty well pitched in the mid-range for the category, sitting below the brand leader. The emotive packaging may limit Choc Amoré's appeal too much to break its way in to the category in a substantial way.

Henry Moran trading manager, spirits & fortified wine, MBL

Consumer's verdict: 8/10

?I found the look of the bottle quite appealing. It looked like a luxury product, but aimed at a slightly younger audience than Baileys. The aroma reminded me of homemade sherry trifle mixed with delicious creamy chocolate. The drink can be served with coffee, but I tried it straight over ice. It has a strong flavour, a mixture of wine and spirits, which gives a kick. But the aftertaste is sweet and creamy and gives a lovely warm feeling in your chest. The only thing I would change is the name, which sounds more like a pampering bath cream.

Portia Pond, accountant, Brighton

A year down the line... Rubis Company: Constellation Europe Launch price: £5.99 Today's price: £5.99

An attempt to shake up the staid fortified wine category, this chocolate and red wine concoction was aimed at women looking for an after-dinner treat. Owner Constellation Europe thought it would prove particularly popular in the festive season. Sales in spring 2007 were greater than Christmas 2006 and the company said it was confident Rubis would do well this Christmas & next spring.