Expert's verdict: 7/10 ?I like the clean, crisp and stylish bottle design and label presentation. Malbec is in vogue currently and this particular rosé delivers a well-balanced wine for all occasions. The underlying dryness and cherry notes offer an interesting combination. Argentinian wine has not quite delivered the growth anticipated in 2006 and gaining trial will be the challenge for the Argento brand. This is most definitely one of the better offerings from this country. While not an automatic listing, it is something we will look at within MBL. John Taylor, head of buying, impulse, MBL Consumer's verdict: 4/10 ?I liked the look of the bottle, I thought it looked slim and very stylish with an appealing logo and simple wording. It would definitely stand out on a shelf and I would pick it up and look at it based on the packaging. When I went to open it, however, I found it had a screw cap, which was disappointing as I prefer cork closures. And unfortunately, I didn't like the taste of the wine at all. I thought it was of very poor quality, with a vinegary aftertaste and it lacked body. I wouldn't buy this wine again after having tasted it and I don't think it is worth £5.99. Lindsy O'Connell, credit manager, West Sussex A year down the line... Blue Nun Pinot Grigio Company: Ehrmanns Launch price: £4.49-£4.99 Today's price: £4.49-£4.99 Acid test verdict: 4/5 Blue Nun Pinot Grigio was launched as part of an on-going line extension of the brand. Pinot Grigio was chosen as a result of the growth in demand for the varietal in the UK in the past couple of years. The brand has performed as expected, said the company, and the new lines have done much to broaden the appeal of the Blue Nun brand to a new generation of wine drinkers.