Company: International Spirits Brands
Rsp: £35
Competition: Iceberg Vodka, Chase Vodka
The sell: Made using 100% Moravian corn to create a “subtle sweetness” and infused with thujone extracted from hand-picked wormwood, Babicka Vodka will “appeal to the discerning drinker”

The consumer
Having tasted my fair share of vodka from around the world ranging from ice-cold Russian grain vodka to warm Polish honey vodka I found Babicka a refreshing twist on plain clear vodkas. Its unique wormwood flavours were very smooth and, although I like my vodka neat over ice, I could imagine this would serve well in mixed cocktails. Four stars (out of five)
Tom Barrack, foreign exchange financial analyst, London

The expert
The packaging gives this vodka a degree of standout. However the closure is out of keeping with the contemporary look of the bottle. The liquid has a clean taste and, with the abv a sensible 40%, the vanilla is discernible, although the fusion of other ingredients limits mixing options, making it very much a niche product. Two stars
Paul Miller, category manager, Capper & Co

The Grocer
With bottles going for £35 a pop, there's no mistaking which end of the market Babicka is gunning for. Minimal packaging design frosted glass and wooden bottle stopper means this is going to hit the spot with the hip, young and loaded crowd. But it's about much more than just smart marketing. Infused with wormwood and a mix of herbs, this vodka has more flavour than your average voddie. I drank mine neat and straight from the freezer. It was delicious. Five stars
Rob Brown, features editor