Expert's verdict:7/10 These new beers from Weltenburger Kloster are true Bavarian beers, strong in taste, flavour and abv. Both are smooth and refined with a well-balanced richness. Asam Bock is a premium dark beer, which will appeal to the British ale drinker. Barock Hell is a refreshing full-bodied pilsner and, at 5.6%, will appeal to the real beer specialist. Best served chilled, it is an ideal accompaniment for spicy international dishes. The packaging and presentation are excellent: clean designs and primary colours will mark them out on the upper shelves. John Taylor, head of buying, impulse, MBL Consumer's verdict:7/10 The packaging is quaint and would stand out a mile on a supermarket shelf. It screams 'novelty' and if you were looking for something outlandish, you would give this a second glance. The Barock Hell is Light and tasty, like Grolsch, but less bitter. It kept its flavour right until the end and didn't go flat and watery. I liked it. The Asam Bock was like drinking treacle mixed with malt - any thicker and it would require a spoon. It was definitely what I expected from the packaging - dark, potent. I don't know if I'd have bought either on spec from the bottle, however. Alex Black, journalist, London A year down the line... One World Company: Halewood Chalié Richards Wine Division Launch price: £4.99 Today's price: £4.99 Acid test verdict: 4 stars One World was created to be a vibrant modern brand that could come from any part of the wine-growing world and appeal to 20 to 30-year-olds looking for an alternative to RTDs and cider in the impulse market. The plan for the wine was to build steadily in the independent trade and then launch new SKUs. The aim for the second year is to gain a multiple retail listing for the brand, via new additions and extended distribution targets to expose the brand to a wider audience.