Expert's verdict...5/10 ?These are certainly an acquired taste. I didn't enjoy the chickpeas or the soya beans. The packaging was confusing, too. I really couldn't get a handle on what this product is trying to achieve. One would have thought Premier would have done its research but I can't see these becoming popular, especially when they have baked beans to contend with. In fact, they might even play into the hands of their competition, because once you try these you'll definitely want to stay with baked beans. Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's Consumer's verdict...6/10 ?I heated a tin of the chickpeas in masala sauce for my lunch break, and I wasn't that impressed. They were runny and they were also quite sweet for something that was supposed to be spicy. I imagine they would go reasonably well with rice or on a potato as suggested, but they wouldn't be my topping of choice. The silver packaging is reminiscent of bargain basement tins. It might make nice comfort food when the cupboard is bare and I've run out of baked beans. Given the choice, though, I'd go for baked beans every time. Helen Taylor, lobbyist, London A year down the line... Product: Papaya Exotic juice drink Company: Rubicon Drinks Launch Price: £1.29 for one litre, 45p for 288ml Today's price: £1.29 for one litre, 45p for 288ml Rubicon's Papaya Exotic juice was launched last year to cash in on the trend for better-for-you soft drinks. It has secured listings in the major multiples and helped the Rubicon juice drinks portfolio achieve 20% year-on-year value growth [IRI 52 w/e Feb 2008]. Plans this year include a push to highlight the lutein content, an antioxidant that can help protect eyesight.