Breadcrumb Coatings Company: Shropshire Spice Company Price: £1.29 Expert's verdict:8/10 ?The packaging looks excellent and this should ensure there is no consumer confusion about the product. The graphics and clear text on the packaging work well. I cooked with this myself and found the instructions clear to understand and simple to use. The breadcrumbs fully coated the chicken and the results were successful. The taste was excellent and the product offers fantastic value for money at £1.29. This is a good option for an everyday meal, but it could also do well if presented on a barbecue fixture. Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's Consumer's verdict:8/10 ?My husband thought the packaging looked boring and said the product wouldn't have caught his eye in store. He also didn't think it was a good idea to show the breadcrumbs because they looked dry. However, I thought the product looked tasty and healthy. There was quite a strong and appealing aroma and there was a generous amount of breadcrumbs inside. They cooked well and the instructions were easy to follow. They also came out crunchy with a nice balance of flavours. Our favourite was Italian herb & garlic on haddock. I would definitely buy them again. Gaynor Lewis, retired, South Wales A year down the line... Délifrance French Breads Company: Délifrance Launch price: 4 baquettes £1.29, 9 Petits Pains £1.49 Today's price: 4 baquettes £1.29, 9 Petits Pains £1.49 Acid test verdict: 3.5 stars The range of part-baked French breads is still being sold but Délifrance is "not entirely happy with the current product" and is making changes to the range this year, according to a spokeswoman. Délifrance was reluctant to reveal the changes it would be introducing. The range includes frozen white baquettes and white, brown and multigrain petit pains.