Company: The Nichols Group
Rsp: 60p
Competition: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Irn-Bru

The consumer
The home of Vimto, Warrington, is where I was born and brought up and the drink runs in our veins, so I was initially wary about them playing with the recipe.

If it isn't broke why fix it? But I liked the new packaging design and adverts for the regular Vimto so was hopeful. I wasn't too disappointed. It was sweeter and less spicy than the normal Vimto drink and I am glad the cherry flavour wasn't overpowering. It was also pretty good with a splash of vodka for a cheeky alternative. Three stars (out of five)
Pete Birch, engineer, Hampshire 

The retailer
I am usually very disappointed with cherry-flavoured drinks as the overwhelming taste is often of almonds, which I find quite unpleasant. Cherry flavour Vimto is an exception - it has a soft cherry flavour underlying the traditional fruity Vimto taste, and is very refreshing. The can design is distinctive and leaves you in no doubt as to what is contained within. I just wish it was a sugar-free recipe so I could enjoy more of it. Four stars
Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar UK

The Grocer
This cherry flavour is the first permanent new line in Vimto's 101-year history and with sales of carbonates flying at the moment, the timing is spot on.

The recipe of Vimto is a closely guarded secret because the spicy, fruity flavour is so distinctive. Any drastic alteration could upset loyalists but the use of cherry is subtle and the 60p price is standard. The swirly, scarlet design of the can is attractive but maybe not bold enough to stand out against the harder block colours of Tango and Pepsi, for example. Three stars
Alex Beckett, products editor