Company: Bottlegreen
Rsp: £2.49 per 350ml bottle
Market size: £442m
The competition: Belvoir, Robinsons

The consumer
The bottle's size and shape is unusual and at first I assumed it was a salad dressing. I thought the labelling was plain and wouldn't stand out on shelf. Apart from the apple varieties on the labels, there is nothing else that would make me think this was a British product. The cordial has a nice fruity smell and pleasant colour but the taste is disappointing. I had to use almost one fifth of the bottle before I could taste much. Also at £2.49 it's quite pricy. Two stars (out of five)
Will Collins, currency dealer, Surrey

The retailer
The packaging and labelling has a traditional look that also manages to convey the message it is a natural product. It contains no added colours or sweeteners. All three variants have a fresh fruity flavour, which is refreshing without being over-sweet or tart. My favourite is the Cox's apple & plum variant, which has a lovely balance between the apple's dryness and the natural sweetness of the plum. This is a good-quality soft drink that will appeal to adults and at £2.49 is reasonably priced. Four stars
Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar UK

The Grocer
This drink is quite refreshing and the combination of the strong pear flavour and more subtle elderflower hits the palate nicely. The clear colour gives it a natural look, although the sulphur dioxide preservative is a bit off-putting. At £2.49, it is at the premium end of the market, and the label is attractive and wholesome. It should sell well as a special treat rather than an everyday item and is a nice British addition to the range. Three stars
Joanne Grew, news reporter