Expert's verdict... 5/10 ?The packaging is very busy on the front and would take people a long time to read, meaning it would lose shoppers in those vital first 10 seconds. It's a bit like a cereal bar that's been bashed up. It has a pleasant enough taste but could get a bit sticky. And it's probably too messy to eat in the car or on the go. I might put it in my drawer, but then forget about it. I'm not won over, especially at this price. Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's Consumer's verdict... 7/10 ?I'm often sceptical that products like this will contain lots of sugar, but from the ingredients list you can see it's all natural at least. It looks appealing but the packaging isn't very user friendly as the bag is a bit too tall and narrow to dip your hand in. It is tasty though and is a good balance between nuts and fruit, without being too sweet. I would buy this again as a healthier alternative to crisps. I could leave it on my desk and graze throughout the day. Tom Graham, town planning consultant, London A year down the line... Betty Crocker Shake to Make Pancakes Company:General Mills Launch Price: £1.29 Today's price: £1.29 Betty Crocker Shake to Make Pancakes range was launched as the ultimate in convenience. A year after launch the range is set to benefit from a £1m marketing campaign to cash in on Pancake Day on 5 February. According to the company, the product was the best performing pancake mix in terms of rate of sales in the run up to Pancake Day last year. The marketing push will include TV, web and in-store activity.