Elkan Wine in can Company: Elkan Wine Company RSP: £2.49 per 37.5cl can Expert's verdict...7/10 ?The wine was good quality with both red and rosé giving ripe red berry flavours. The selling point, though, has to be the packaging. Aluminium is arguably the best container for wine - it doesn't let oxygen in, it is 100% recyclable and much lighter than glass, making it easy to carry and cheap to transport. The ringpull makes it a convenient drink for the summer picnic season. In theory this should be a successful product, but there is still a question mark over whether the mainstream UK consumer is ready to give up glass. Henry Moran, trading manager, Musgrave Retail Partners Consumer's verdict...4/10 ?It's often a problem when my husband and I go on a picnic: he can take a couple of beers, but I have to guzzle my way through a bottle of wine (well, it can't go to waste). So, it's quite exciting that you can get wine in cans. The problem is that it tastes like wine from a can. The rosé is too dry. The description says it's 'fresh' and 'bursting with strawberry aromas', but the can seems to have tainted that. The red is like the potion I bought at the corner shop when I was a student. The cans look good and they have a premium feel about them, but what's inside doesn't justify the £2.79 a can price tag. Claire Skipper, communications manager, Bedford A year down the line... Tungi Company: Provenance Marketing Launch Price: £26.99 Today's price: £26.99 Tungi is a spirit distilled on St Helena. It is made from the wild cactus fruit, also known as prickly pears, and is aimed at spirit aficionados. However, its flavour profile, although smooth, has proved a little too challenging for the UK, said John Jeffrey, MD of importer and distributor Provenance Marketing. "Due to high transport costs, pricing was felt to be too high. We've been unable to secure sufficient momentum to justify rolling out more widely."