Expert's verdict: 6/10 ?I am not a Rioja drinker, but I was surprised by the number of female red wine enthusiasts who responded well to this at a family gathering. For me it was a little too heavy. The modern packaging is a real departure from the heritage and authenticity of established brands but I am not sure "wine experts" will automatically relate to this and at £12.99 there is little room for movement. However, the vineyard produces a leading European Rioja brand and I am sure the Extrême range will come good in the premium market. John Taylor, head of buying, impulse, MBL Consumer's verdict: 4/10 ?The bottle had been designed to look expensive, and it did, but the wine was disappointing. There was no flavour. I'm no expert but I tried the bouquet and all I could smell was alcohol. I couldn't tell what it tasted of and it burned as it went down. There was also a lingering tannin aftertaste. Six of us tried it and we wouldn't be able to manage more than one or two glasses of it. It definitely isn't worth £12.99. I don't think I would even pay £4. I'm not a fan of the name either. Karen James, PA, Harefield A year down the line... Roaring Meg Company: Springhead Brewery Launch price: £1.54 - £1.60 Today's price: £1.54 - £1.60 Acid test verdict: 4/5 Cold-filtered premium blonde beer Roaring Meg is described as an ideal introduction to bottled beer for the novice. Initially stocked in local branches of Waitrose and Asda, the brand's distribution now includes a nationwide listing in Morrisons, as well as selected Booths, Budgens and Threshers stores. Its performance is well ahead of expectation, according to the brewery.