Expert's verdict: 6/10 ?The only thing that lets this down is the packaging, which looks second-rate and is unlikely to have much appeal for women. There are too many colours going on and the name makes it sound Oriental. The taste, however, is superb. It's really fruity and would be a great replacement for a biscuit or a chocolate bar. Both variants really taste of the fruit flavour promised. It's a shame that such a good product is let down by its packaging. Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's Consumer's verdict: 7/10 ?I wouldn't notice the packaging - it needs to be more colourful to stand out next to more recognisable products. The products tasted more sweet than fruity so I think they may appeal to children rather than adults. This is good because they are high in natural fruit, so they could be a good way to get fruit into kids. The price is a bit excessive considering the quantity you get in a box but I may buy it again for my children. The actual bar is a fair size and does nicely as a snack. Also, it makes an excellent quick breakfast. Amber Brooks, full-time mum, Ewell, Surrey A year down the line... Little Stars Company: Müller Launch price: £1.38 - £2.76 Today's price: £1.38 - £2.76 Acid test verdict: 4.5/5 The Little Stars range, played on Müller's established yoghurt heritage to appeal to health-conscious parents and has achieved sales of £16.6m since launch [IRI, 19 May, 2007]. It ranked fourth in total value sales for all new grocery brands launched last year and Müller is claiming a "resounding success all round".