Expert's verdict...7/10 Grolsch Premium Weizen has the cloudy amber appearance typical of wheat beer with good carbonation. The aromas are mostly yeasty but there is also clove and orange peel that add a bit more interest and continue onto the palate, with the addition of a hint of hop bitterness that balances the sweeter spice. The bottle has good shelf standout but lacks the theatre of the iconic swing-top rubber cork. The packaging makes big play of the 2007 World Beer Awards, where this weizen won world's best wheat beer, and this will help to encourage trial. Henry Moran, trading manager, Musgrave Retail Partners Consumer's verdict...6/10 The bottle would not stand out on the shelf as the design is rather bland. The colour of the drink was quite light, even for a wheat beer, and it looked attractive in the special glass that accompanied it. The taste was quite malty, which I liked, but the aftertaste was a bit sour and unpleasant. Its flavour was not as heavy as Hoegaarden although a pint would be too much for me. I can imagine having a small glass of this during summer but I think it would be more suitable for men in their 20s and 30s who fancy something different to lager or cider. Carrie Beddall, human resources adviser, Horsham A year down the line... Asam Bock and Barock Hell Company: Pierhead Purchasing Launch Price: £1.89 & £1.69 Today's price: £1.94 & £1.74 Brewed in the oldest monastery brewery in world, the Weltenburger beers have been popular with adventurous consumers, tapping into trends such as provenance and heritage. At launch the beers were aimed at specialist beer retailers and independent stores and have reportedly sold well in these types of shops. The company is working on securing listings in the multiples.