Company: Ibiza Ice
Rsp: £3.50 for a 275ml bottle
Market size: £202.4m
The competition: WKD, Bacardi Breezer, Smirnoff Ice

The consumer
Ibiza Ice appealed to me as soon as I set eyes on it because of its stylish and eye-catching packaging. The taste more than lived up to the expectations created by the look. The drink has a refreshing fruity flavour and is not as sweet and sticky as similar products out there. I am a fan of this kind of drink and would definitely buy this one again. I would also be happy to recommend it to my friends and feel certain it would appeal to the majority of them. Four stars (out of five)
Zahra Lee, student, Brighton

The retailer
First impressions of this product are not great. The quality of the packaging is poor and lacks impact the lettering and imagery being way too recessive and the product would have very little, if any, standout on shelf. It is part of an emerging trend for unauthentic and disappointing cocktails. With regards to taste, the product just does not deliver. This is down to the fact that it is a wine-based product with no spirit, rendering it lacking in both flavour and substance. So, in summary, a poor-quality product, poorly executed with no chance of being listed in Asda. One star
Christopher Mould, spirits buyer, Asda

The Grocer
Because of the packaging, which looks cheap and aimed at 18-year-olds, I expected to hate this drink. But it tastes surprisingly nice. It's too sweet for me, but would go down well with fans of rosé wine. It reminded me of a lightly alcoholic Shloer. Served in a glass it would make a refreshing summer drink, but I'm not sure it's what I would choose to dance the night away with. Three stars
Catherine Dawes, Focus On features editor