Company: Vimto Soft Drinks
Rsp: £1.09/500ml
Competition: Rubicon, Lilt
The sell: The new drinks would “add an exotic twist” to the soft drinks category

The consumer
I thought this was great - it was delicious. The packaging is good and suited the product well but I didn't think the drink was a very nice colour. It tasted lovely though, and much better than any other tropical drink I have had my friends really liked it too. I would definitely buy this for myself, and would recommend it to other people too. The only soft drink I like better than this is Dr Pepper. Five stars (out of five)
Jordan Bamford, aged 12, Brighton 

The expert
Served chilled, the new Levi Roots Caribbean Crush is quite refreshing. The taste of the fruit comes through really well, but the mango is a bit overpowering. The label design leaves you in no doubt that this product is part of the Levi Roots range, but the bottle shape is very disappointing. The rsp puts it at the top end of the price-marked range when compared with other major brands, and I don't think the overall look of the product can carry this premium. Three stars
David Sabin, trading controller, Nisa-Today's

The Grocer
When I heard Levi was launching a range of soft drinks, I was excited about the prospect of an authentic, refreshing range crammed with real fruit juice. I was hugely disappointed. While the crush compares favourably on taste with competitors, it contains just 5% fruit juice (from concentrate), tasted syrupy and has almost twice the sugar content of Lilt (21g per 250mls, compared with 11.6g for Lilt).

As far as I can see, the only USP it has above Lilt is that it contains mango - all 1% of it. Two stars
Richard Ford, deputy fresh foods editor