Expert's verdict... 6/10 ?The packaging is eye-catching and looks like it is aimed at women. However, it is hard to see what the product is so it would need to be positioned in the right place so shoppers could find it. The information on the pack is unclear as well. But the flavours are lovely. The fat content in the bars is quite high, but this is most likely to be healthy fat because of the fruit and nuts. I think at this price, though, the producer has automatically priced itself out of the market. Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's Consumer verdict... 6.5/10 ? The packaging is glossy and eye-catching, which is unusual for a cereal bar brand, and makes the product look expensive. I particularly liked the apricot bar, which smelt great and had a lovely taste. The fruit and nut one was also good, but the yoghurt-coated one was too sweet and sickly. I wouldn't buy these bars again, simply because £2.29 for three bars is too expensive. If the cost of packaging came down, perhaps the product would be cheaper. Based on taste alone, I would happily eat these bars again - if someone else paid. Catherine Joslin, GP, Worthing, West Sussex A year down the line... Heaven chocolate Company: Nestlé Launch Price: £1.39 for 100g bar Today's price: £1.39 for a 100g bar The launch of Heaven marked Nestlé's second stab at cracking the premium end of the market - just a year after Nestlé scrapped its luxury Double Cream brand because of poor sales. And so far Heaven appears to have succeeded where its predecessor failed. Only five months after launch, the newcomer made up a quarter of all premium chocolate blocks sold in independent stores and accounted for 75% of incremental sales, according to Nielsen [year-to-date value sales to 23 June 2007].