Company: Magners
RSP: £1.99
Market Size: £590m
The Competition: Bulmers, Gaymers

The Consumer
It’s long been Magners v Bulmers, but for me it’s now Magners v Magners Mid-Strength. I liked this new product: I want choice, and that’s what Magners has now given me. With all the hoo-ha around binge-drinking, it’s a good move. I’d be more likely to choose this when I’m out and about as, for me, cider is a lunchtime drink and this lighter option is perfect for a lunchtime escape from the office. Four stars (out of five)
Lisa Burrows, customer services executive, Plymouth

The Expert
Magners has done a good job with the packaging, which is complementary to the standard SKU and yet sufficiently different. The quality of the cider has diminished, which is often a challenge for lower-abv products, and is probably why the reduction in abv hasn’t gone even further. Ironically, the abv will prove to be the Achilles heel as it will disappoint consumers looking for a genuinely ‘low’ alcohol alternative. This will cannibalise the existing Magners consumer without attracting anyone new. Two stars
Henry Moran, trading manager, Musgrave Retail Partners

The Grocer
I have been a fan of Magners since it was first launched in Ireland and was intrigued to see how its mid-strength variety would perform. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. This has none of the crispness or bite I associate with Magners. It seems that by reducing the alcohol, Magners has significantly reduced the taste. In fact there is very little taste to this version at all and it comes across more as a fizzy apple drink than a cider. One star
Ronan Hegarty, news editor