Company: Method
Rsp: £5.99/300ml bottle
Competition: Persil, Ecover
The sell: Method promised a “laundry revolution” when it launched its first laundry detergent range in July, claiming the liquid was “eight times more concentrated than traditional detergents”.

The consumer
The product smelled nice, but it was a bit overpowering on the clothing after the wash. The spray bottle was easy to both use and store. I thought the smaller size was quite innovative, and really appealed to me. However, the detergent failed to remove stains and also appeared to have weakened some of the clothing I used it on. For those reasons, I would not purchase it in future. Two stars (out of five)
Christina Ransom, housewife, Portslade

The retailer
The on-pack instructions state you only need four pumps per wash and a drop the size of a pea on the stain to remove it. I found this to be spot on. Another plus was the fragrance, which was very pleasant. But at the moment availability within the independent sector for greener detergent is very limited as it usually demands a premium price, while it will be difficult for a new brand to break into a mature laundry market with long established brands. Four stars
Dave Warren, Nisa-Today's group trading controller

The Grocer
The bottle looks fit for green-conscious clutter-free City types but I wasn't overly convinced by performance. A medium laundry load only needs four of the concentrated pumps of the detergent, which was easy to dispense and mess-free. It left the clothes clean enough but they did not smell "like heaven" as the bottle promised. I'd be reluctant to trade up given the price. Two stars
Hannah Stodell, senior reporter