Company: O! So Natural
Rsp: £1.98 per five-pack
Competition: Annabel Karmel, Perry Court Farm
The sell: The freeze-dried fruit crisps are aimed at plugging a gap for more flavourful fruit crisps. 

The consumer
My initial thought was that I didn't think I would like these fruit crisps. But on sampling, I found them to be crunchy, very nice, sweet and moreish too. They are a great light, healthy snack and cause no mess or sticky fingers. The packaging was eye-catchingly bright and fruity.

The crisps are ideal for children's packed lunches and handy to pop in your handbag. A quick and tasty way to have one of your RDA of fruit. Four stars (out of five)
Clare Gee, travel consultant, Manchester

The retailer
The product presents itself as a 'lunchbox' product, but the pack is slightly too large for this. The flavour is inconsistent and the texture is similar to that of polystyrene once it's absorbed the water in your mouth. The packaging looks good, but the overall product is disappointing, and it's not clear as to where you would merchandise it. All in all a muddled proposition. Two stars
James Dick, buyer, Co-op

The Grocer
In my experience, fruit crisps are shiny, palm oil coated and fried to within an inch of their life. However, these new offerings were surprisingly flavoursome and satisfyingly crunchy too. My only complaint was the sweetness, although this could prove a positive selling point for kids.

They are pricier than many potato crisps but have, after all, been freeze-dried and sourced from sustainable crops. Overall, a handy snack for kids but might prove too bizarre for cynical adults despite the RDA claim. Three stars
Alex Beckett, food & drink editor