Expert's verdict:7/10 ? There is a danger this could look like the kind of cranberry jelly that goes with turkey at Christmas. The company is trying to take the popularity of cranberries into other areas, but there is a risk factor with this - most companies try to consolidate their products . The label could do with photos of the fruit to make it look more premium. The conserve is delicious and the cranberry flavour works here. Ocean Spray may just have to work to get that message across. Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's Consumer's verdict:7/10 ?The large Ocean Spray label puts me off for a start. It sounds like a toilet cleaner! It doesn't smell artificial, however, and I like how the jam is lumpy and contains fruit skin. It makes it look and taste like proper jam, but I prefer the package design of French Bonne Maman jam. The glass jar is so slim that you can't get your finger down and scoop it out, but the delicious blueberry and cranberry flavours make up for the design. For a tasty and quality jam like this, I believe £1.69 is a reasonable price. Laetitia Martin, scientist, Horsham A year down the line... Organic Apple & Pomegranate Juice Company: James White Launch price: £2.59 Today's price: £2.59 Acid test verdict: 3.5 stars This has achieved listings in several multiples since launch a year ago, including Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's. Satisfied with the soft drink's performance so far, producer James White said it had generated growth of 80% in the past half year compared with the previous six months. The company this year added two further organic juices with flavours of beetroot and vegetable. It also plans an organic tomato juice as soon as the new season's tomato is available in August.