Organix Savoury Pots COMPANY: Organix RSP: £1.79 to £1.89 for a twin pack containing 2x120g or 2x130g

Expert’s verdict 7/10
The packaging is excellent. It explains exactly what’s inside the products and it has a natural and wholesome look, which gives a homemade feel. The products live up to the packaging and deliver on quality. Their organic credentials and the fact they are made without ‘nasties’ are obvious plusses. However, the price lets the range down. Compared with other products on the market, it is expensive and this could prove a barrier. But if consumers can get past this and give the range a try, I believe the quality of the products will ensure repeat purchase. Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today’s

Consumer’s verdict9/10
I liked the tomato and haricot bean casserole. I’m used to things being quite smooth, but this one was a bit thicker and had more texture, which was quite nice. The sweetcorn, carrot and pea variant was not as nice though. Mum tried it too and didn’t think it tasted any better than when she puréed vegetables herself. The chicken with wholegrain rice was yummy. Mum was pleased to see the products only contained natural ingredients with no additives or added sugar or salt. She said the pots would be handy for days out. Isaac Lonsdale, six months, Worthing

A year down the line… Hula Hoops Multigrain
LAUNCH PRICE: Handy pack 35p, Multipack £1.65
TODAY’S PRICE: Handy pack
UBUK introduced Hula Hoops Multigrain last year to strengthen its commitment to health. Since launch, the sub-brand has clocked up sales of £6m [Nielsen 52 w/e to 15 May, 2008]. It underwent a relaunch in May this year including new flavours, improved recipes and revamped packaging to highlight health credentials. The entire Hula Hoops range will benefit from a £2m TV advertising campaign later this year.