Company: Rachel’s
Rsp: £1.19

The consumer
The concept is great, the yoghurt pours well from the spout and it's easy to reseal with the peel-back lid. It's probably an expensive alternative to milk on cereal though. I tasted the strawberry flavour, which was not overpowering or too sweet. I probably wouldn't have this on fruit again as the flavour is lost because of the thin consistency. As well as on cereal, I could see this working to produce a smoothie and I would certainly buy it again. Four stars (out of five)
Greg Ranger, print finisher, Heathfield

The retailer
Instructions told me how far to peel the lid back, revealing a special cut-out to help pouring accuracy and restrict the flow of the liquid. This is certainly required as the yoghurt is runny and it is difficult to control the flow. The product itself was light, slightly sweet, refreshing and offered all the goodness associated with the Rachel's brand.

However, I am not sure that at £1.19 per 394ml pot that I'd select this particular yoghurt to liven up my breakfast. Three stars
Anna Nowak, trading manager, Spar

The Grocer
Pouring yoghurt has been a popular concept in Scandinavia for many years, so it is surprising that manufacturers have taken so long to introduce it here, especially as breakfast has been touted as one of the key growth areas within the sector for quite some time.

Rachel's Pouring Natural Yoghurt has a great taste and the right consistency to pour smoothly (helped by the spout) over cereal and muesli. Yes, it's pricier than milk, but it is much more filling. As long as Rachel's communicates the benefits of the range loudly enough, this should be a hit. Four stars
Lisa Riley, food & drink reporter