Company: GlaxoSmithKline
Rsp: 94p per 500ml
Competition: Oasis

The consumer
Raspberry Ribena is one of the sweetest beverages I've tasted in a very long time. It does taste of artificial raspberry in a familiar way, but with ice and a bit of watering down it is refreshing.

I would definitely prefer it if it were diluted and had some fizz added. It packs an exceedingly sugary punch, which means a bottle would last me ages. It is likely to be a hit with kids. Two stars (out of five)
Gemma Thompson, senior marketing manager, London

The retailer
Another winner from GSK as it continues to broaden Ribena's appeal in today's market by introducing new flavours. This raspberry variant of Ribena will appeal to both adults and children not too sweet for adults and not too tart for kids. It is likely to have long-term appeal and is certainly more palatable to adults who had found the strawberry Ribena a bit too sickly. There is the usual strong Ribena packaging and reassuring info for parents. Four stars
Peter Hindmarsh, category controller, Nisa-Today's 

The Grocer
As someone who doesn't like fizzy drinks, I've always relied on Ribena for a substitute pick-me-up where friends turn to coke. This new flavour is fruitier than other varieties, with the dryness of the raspberries somehow making it taste more grown up. I am, however, sceptical that anyone over the age of 12 would treat this 500ml bottle as two servings, and felt quite greedy after finishing the whole thing in one sitting. This variety is much more appealing than the sickly strawberry flavour, and I expected it to be pricier than the classic blackcurrant. Three stars
Elinor Zuke, reporter