Company: Thatchers
Rsp: £1.97/500ml
Competition: Aspalls, Westons, Sheppy’s, Stella Cidre
The sell: “A distinctive, premium blended cider produced from some of the finest English apple varieties grown in the company’s Somerset orchards”

The consumer
I enjoyed this strong-tasting cider. It had an authentic feel, evoking memories of the West Country and prompting a real urge to try it with a good Cheddar. The Werther's Original-style labelling struck me as rather cheesy, but maybe that is appropriate. The cider has a summery outdoor vibe, perhaps best suited to a pub garden or picnic. I thought it was a good product, and will look out for it in future. Four stars (out of five)
Felix Beeson, financial analyst, London

The expert
This is an elegant medium-dry crisp cider with great depth of flavour. It has a soft, rounded fruitiness and a light sparkle to the taste and is a very easy-drinking liquid considering its alcoholic strength. The label and bottle reinforce the message of a premium, traditional, hand-crafted cider. The clearly-communicated heritage and origin make this an appealing option for an existing premium cider shopper but consequently this is not the product to drive trial from other long drinks categories or over-ice ciders. Four stars
Bill Marney, trading manager, Musgrave

The Grocer
I'm a big cider fan so was looking forward to testing this. The target audience is the older male pretty spot on, as the 7.4% abv felt a little strong for me to drink solo and the label was definitely vintage. That said, it had a mature dry taste that worked nicely with food and transported me to Somerset orchards. I'd happily pay £1.97 again for this. Four stars
Hannah Stodell, food and drink senior reporter