Company: Mars Petcare
Rsp: £3.79 for 12 pouches
Competition: Felix, Sheba

The consumer
I’m not a brand-loyal shopper - I’d buy any cat food, particularly if it was on offer. The cat food market is already very crowded and I’m not sure we need another type. I guess the proof is in the tasting though, which my cat Cisco made a quick affair. If he had thumbs, they would be up. Although I’m not convinced of the need for this product, if more cat food means more promotional offers then I’m all for it. Three stars (out of five)
Susie Howson, nurse, Hove

The retailer
Whiskas Simply offers a middle tier within single-serve pouches that was previously missing from the Whiskas range. The packaging clearly communicates that the product has either been steamed or grilled and contains no artificial additives or preservatives. The product itself is crammed with good-sized pieces of meat coated in a jelly. It should be ideally positioned to encourage existing customers to trade up and treat their cat, giving them the variety they enjoy, at an affordable everyday price. Four stars
Abby Talbot, non-food buyer, Booths

The Grocer
Personally, I’m not convinced it matters a jot to a cat whether they’re dining on a dead bird or bluefin tuna. That said, I suspect these pouches will really appeal to the many cat-owners who would take immense pleasure from knowing their pet is feasting on something akin to what they themselves might eat. The price seems quite reasonable considering the product is steamed or grilled and includes premium meats, such as duck and lamb. The clean and simple style of the branding will give the product real stand-out on shelf. Four stars
Richard Ford, senior fresh food reporter