Company: Casella Wines
Rsp: £5.99
Competition: Kumala, Stowells, Nottage Hill

The consumer
Like Bridget Jones and Footballers' Wives, what you see is what you get - the wine reflects the label, providing a big splash of colour and little else. While it lacks the subtle layering you might find in other Chardonnays such as Pouilly Fuissé or Chablis, its boldness can substitute for delicacy, though it needs to be well-chilled or else the sweet edge can begin to cloy. Not for all markets, this is a wine for al fresco summer quaffage. Three stars (out of five)
Pete Langman, lecturer, Hove

The retailer
Impressive for 2007 vintage Aussie Chardonnay. The wine contains bags of tropical fruit but is balanced and fresh. The wine's age shows as an attractive honeyed hint that completes the flavour. It's nice to see there is a good product inside the strong packaging, which will instantly draw consumers to the wine. This is a good quality offering at a reasonable price. Four stars
Dror Nativ, wine trading manager, Spar

The Grocer
With a zing as bouncy as the kangaroo on its packaging, this new Chardonnay is far from another me-too white wine. Sweet notes of honey and passion fruit were well balanced and the bottle was soon drained in an all-too-brief sunny spell over Easter. The £5.99 tag is decent value compared with other Australian Chardonnays.

Casella handed Yellow Tail's exclusive UK distribution rights to Diageo's distribution arm Percy Fox in February and this launch should further accelerate the brand towards the big time. Four stars
Alex Beckett, products editor