Company: Findus Group
Rsp: 99p
Competition: Birds Eye Omega 3 fish fingers, Findus fish fingers

The consumer
These new fish fingers are ready in minutes and the taste and texture are of excellent quality as they should be from a trusted brand such as Young's. The convenience factor for students and people living on their own is great, although the fact that there are only four in a box could be an issue for some. Despite this, it provides a healthier alternative for anyone who may normally reach for the fast food chips and burgers normally kept in the freezer. Four stars (out of five)
Charles Stephens, student, Bristol

The retailer
While Young's innovation lacks the crispy, textured coating of oven-cooked fish fingers, this is a decent product. The 99p price tag for four fishfingers is steep when you think how many more fish fingers you get in a regular box, but it's a great concept. The fish is good quality and I like the packaging. While I can't see too many mums stocking up freezers with it, students and young busy professionals could love it. I wonder whether Young's will team up with McCain Micro Chips to sell a microwaveable fish & chips. Four stars
Nigel Ashton, business trading manager, Nisa-Today's 

The Grocer
Despite their reputation as an easy snack, oven-cooking fish fingers is a hassle for students or office workers looking for a quick meal so the faster preparation time of Young's Micro Fish Fingers is very welcome. The taste is good, and while the breadcrumb's not quite as crisp as a nicely-browned-in-the-oven finger, these are great in a butty with ketchup. Packaging is the big letdown - it's not going to stand out from other frozen convenience foods. Four stars
James Ball, chief news reporter