Expert's verdict... 5/10 ?The packaging is interesting but very busy, which makes it hard to tell what the product is and what it's called. I'm not really sure what some of the symbols are and it looks as if a child has designed it. On shelf, it may appeal to children, which would be a concern. You can taste the ginger, lemon and line but the aftertaste is like a fizzy sweet and it's too sugary. I think the drink is a little gimmicky and won't be available in six to 12 months. Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's Consumer's verdict... 8/10 ?The packaging looks a bit cheap and too cluttered. A simple design would be better, such as a bowl of fruit to make the connection with natural ingredients. I liked the citrus flavour of the drink because it was refreshing and had a better aftertaste than other energy drinks such as Red Bull. I would buy this drink instead of others on the market because it is made with natural ingredients, but this would depend on whether it was easily available from c-stores and health clubs. As long as the packaging of this product is done well, the drink could be popular, especially with active people. James Deacon, guitar sales manager, London A year down the line... Mars Planets Company: Mars UK Launch Price: 44p Today's price: 44p The Mars Planets launch last February was one of the most exciting in chocolate confectionery and tapped the trend for impulse and indulgence. The bitesize treat, which was backed by a £4.2m push, clocked up sales of £17.4m last year [Nielsen 52 w/e 29 December, 2007]. At the time of the launch, Mars said it was targeting the bitesize market because it was one of the few growth areas left.