Expert's verdict...8/25

?You almost expect market-leading brands to get everything right - look, feel and flavour, the perfect fit for the intended audience. Well, it ain't always the case. The livery is bright and funky, no harm in that, but lacks refinement. Flavour-wise it is a disaster. Apple is medicinal and confected, rather than vibrant and intense. More cough mixture than Granny Smith. Berry is a mystery. Just what are marionberries? Whatever they are, cherry brandy ice lolly flavours added to the spirit make the experience somewhat junior. Not great.

Jonathan Butt, head of global sourcing, Thresher Group

Consumer's verdict...19/25

?When I saw these, I thought 'sweet', because I really like rum, especially Bacardi. This drink even sounds fun. It's the kind of tipple you take to a party when looking for a good time. However, on tasting, I found Apple was a tad on the sweet side. Although the flavour was refreshing, my tooth isn't quite sweet enough. Berry is fruity in flavour and smooth in texture. I got a nice comforting warmth in the belly, reminding me of the rum content. Bacardi worked well in cocktails before and I think I've found its new best friend.

David Bevis, accountant, Brighton

Overall verdict...27/50

Mateus Rosé Tempranillo Company: Mateus Launch Price : £4.49 Today's Price: £4.49 Acid test verdict: 40/50

The launch of Mateus Rosé Tempranillo a year ago, spelled the brand's first new rosé in more than 60 years.

A single varietal, single vintage wine, its first listing in Morrisons has seen "encouraging" sales, according to UK distributor First Drinks Brands. In fact, success has led to listings in Asda and Somerfield.

The positive reaction to the newcomer, benefiting from a £1.2m marketing push of both the original and new version, would suggest it is on the road to losing its tired image and set for further growth.