Expert's verdict...23/25

?Roaring Meg is brewed by the Springhead Brewery, Nottinghamshire - a fairly small brewery by today's standards but producing beers big on flavour. It is beautifully coloured and crafted and its colour is pale amber, with nuances of honey and caramel and underlying farmyard notes. In the mouth, the brew is immediately satisfying, mellow at first with a good hoppy character, a hint of honey and balancing bitterness. This is a fabulous beer, let down somewhat by rather tame packaging.

Jonathan Butt, head of global sourcing, Thresher Group

Consumer's verdict...15/25

?I think the bottle shape and graphics make this product look like a premium beer, although I would be likely to mistake it for a bitter or an ale. On opening the bottle, I met a nice aroma and my first impression of the taste was good. It seemed very refreshing and had a slightly different taste to other similar beers. But by the time I got to the last third, I found it rather sickly and the refreshing quality had gone. Maybe it was the dry taste effect.

Daniel Whiley, sales manager, Reigate

Overall verdict...38/50 Campo Viejo Rosé Company: Pernod Ricard Launch Price: £4.99 per bottle Today's Price: £4.99 per bottle Acid test verdict: 37/50

Campo Viejo Rosé was introduced as a response to the growing rosé category in the UK. Since it hit shelves in August last year, it has gained listings in Asda, Threshers, Budgens, Londis and Booker.

So far, Pernod Ricard is satisfied with its performance, saying yearly volume figures have "over-exceeded set expectations by almost 76%".

The company said it hoped to increase the brand by a further 52% in 2007 by boosting consumer awareness and gaining additional listings.