Jacobsen range

Company: Carlsberg

Price: £3.29 to £3.49

Expert's verdict:9/10

?Two wonderful beers from the Carlsberg stable. Bramley Wit and Saaz Blonde will delight the wheat beer and full-strength lager drinker. Bramley Wit is both light and refreshing and at 4.6% abv is enormously drinkable. The hints of fruit, both apple and orange, combine with the herb content to provide an unrepeatable experience. Saaz Blonde is my favourite, providing a lightly hopped taste with a hint of pine. The full effect then kicks in to provide a mellow full-bodied full-flavour experience. Both brands are fantastically presented. The liquid is just pure class. A definite pair of listings in MBL.

John Taylor, head of buying - impulse, MBL

Consumer's verdict8/10

?The Saaz Blonde is characteristic of a blonde beer crossed with a light ale with a nice subtle herby taste but a disappointingly bland aroma. The Bramley Wit is well named with its distinct baked apple taste and fruity aroma. It is far more typical of a blonde beer pushing closer to the tang of a glass of Kronenberg Blanc. I would definitely consider buying either of these products although I would forego the fancy bottle if it would bring the price down as I think they are at the very limit of being value for money.

Steve Collins, call centre duty manager, East Croydon

Star rating:

Finest Lager

Company: Cains

Launch price:

£1.79 per 500ml bottle

Today's price:

£1.79 per 500ml bottle

Acid test verdict: Four stars

The brewer has been delighted by the growth of its Finest Lager, which from a standing start now represents 20% of its branded beers by value. Bringing out innovative products on a par with any imported beer from the Continent, Cains aims to build its reputation as a craft brewery. The lager now has listings with Sainsbury's, Booths, Wine Cellar, some Asdas and many off-licences. GQ Magazine placed it as the 'Second Best Thing in the World' last year.