Expert's verdict...8/10

?The bottles are eye-catching and the packaging has a modern feel to it; perhaps a little funkier than Innocent. The fact the label has 'immunity boost' and 'no artificial anything' on it pulls you in and suggests the drink's benefits are the priority. The 750ml is a great change to the Innocent cartons. All the flavours are tasty, if a little sharp and the Berry Blitz is particularly good. These smoothies are also very drinkable - they don't have that gloopy consistency. Like most smoothies, the price is the let down, although it is slightly cheaper than some competitors, so this could be a winner.

Nigel Ashton, category controller, Nisa-Today's

Consumer's verdict...4/10

?I wasn't massively impressed by the bottles. They have all the same 'new age' messages as other brands and phrases such as 'after consuming you may suffer intense feeling of happiness' are a little patronising now. The 250ml bottle would do as a snack, but I prefer the bigger sizes to be in cartons so you can lay them on their side in the fridge. The Berry Blitz is the best of the bunch, but it didn't blow me away compared with what's already on offer. I'd probably stick to the brands I know, unless it was much cheaper.

Tim Wigley, project manager, London

A year down the line... Ocean Spray Grower's Reserve Conserves Company: Ocean Spray Launch Price: £1.69 Today's price: £1.59

This range of conserves comes in three cranberry varieties — with either raspberries, blueberries or pomegranates. Originally only listed in Tesco, the range has now established a foothold in the conserves category for cranberry, according to the company, having gained further listings in the Co-op and Somerfield. More consumers are expected to trial it next year, a spokeswoman added.