Over two decades with the Oxo clan, Lynda Bellingham matured from MILF to glamorous granny, via that awkward menopausal stage at which female BBC newsreaders get sacked.

A more sinister change is befalling Mrs Kipling. In last year's debut she hinted with benign resignation about her cake-making husband's lack of sexual potency.

Now she's plotting his death with a supposedly faulty TV aerial on the roof (how Emu got rid of Rod Hull).

It seems Mr Kipling has been "distracted" hunting for free-range eggs to use in his cakes. But if a Bakewell omelette may not be to all tastes, it hardly justifies his wife's overnight change into Lady Macbeth.

Still, basing a campaign on the disintegration of their marriage is an exceedingly bold choice by Premier Foods, like if Mars revealed that the Milky Bar Kid had been touched up by his dad.

We await the next spot with grisly fascination.

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