It’s debatable whether microwave pizza really counts as traditional Italian cuisine, but there are unquestionably advertising clichés in flogging the stuff that are as timeless as the Eternal City or its interminable traffic jams.

This column therefore lauds any ad for Italian nosh that doesn’t feature creepy waiters with ‘shaddap a-you face’ accents or horribly vigorous pensioners dripping in life-enhancing olive oil.

The latest opus for decidedly un-Italian brand Chicago Town urges mums – sorry, moms – to Tuck In to its deep-dish creations with a knowing ‘kids, eh?’ wink.

It marks a clear departure from targeting the key student-munchies sector – surely the only people who feel having to put a pizza in the oven for 15 minutes is genuinely 12 minutes too many.

In another surprising omission, Chicago Town also glosses over the inevitable ‘death by magma-hot tomato sauce’ that is a cherished part of the microwave pizza experience.

Still, the food here looks good and the offbeat ad is also sort of funny, so either tuck in or – as they say in Rome – shaddap a-you face.