Crunchie owns Fridays like Cameron owns Clegg.

Weekends were only invented to give sense to the 'Friday feeling' tagline, which also pre-dates TV and chocolate itself.

The trick for Cadbury is finding some pithy visual shorthand for that famed sensation - being crowned World's Handsomest Billionaire, say, or pushing Sarah Ferguson into a lake.

The new ad for bite-size Rocks equates that unique Crunchie joy with being jumped in your bathroom by an oily man with a saxophone and a mullet. For wannabe rock stars, that's as good as life gets.

The ad is goofy and charming rather than mind-blowing, but gets a boost from the 'rock out with your cock out' Tina Turner anthem it accompanies.

The only downer is the Napoleon Dynamite Lite of a lead lurking beneath the ginger bouffant. For half a million quid they could have got Fergie.

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