Unilever’s latest ruse to clean up in household goods is a triptych of ‘How to’ movies plugging the Domestos Grotbuster on Videojug (imagine a professionally shot, vaguely useful version of YouTube with far fewer users).

Explicitly targeting female shoppers with references to chimp-like husbands and long-awaited glasses of Chardonnay, they address three nightmare scenarios – the arrival of a mother-in-law, hosting a perfect barbecue and giving house and home a five-minute makeover.

The answer to the question ‘Who you gonna call?’ is, of course, the Grotbuster.

Unilever says the ads are “facilitating a valuable interaction between the Domestos brand and [its] customers” and they may be right – Videojug stats claim the average user watches “95% of each film” rather than just switching off after the first detergent-based pun.

Each is gently humorous without threatening to veer into homespun hilarity on a Terry and June scale. Viewers gave the BBQ clip two stars out of five and three apiece for the other clips – not bad for advertorial. So fair play to Unilever for trying something different. Now bring on the special edition trilogy box-set.