Good things come to those who wait… and Guinness has finally moved on from that age-old slogan in its latest onscreen extravaganza.

The big-spending Diageo brand has been responsible for some of TV’s most memorable ads – from Rutger Hauer’s Pure Genius to the Leftfield-scored ‘surfer’ masterpiece.

The newbie, dubbed Pint of Precision Percussion, is a radical departure from last year’s Tipping Point, the super-lavish domino-themed ad that helped halt a decline in sales. It adopts the 17:59 ‘Guinness time’ concept, evoking both the year the brewery was established and the time you get to the pub for that first pint after work.

Sumptuous to look at, the ad is soaked in stout-flavoured sepia as human cannonballs in faux-future outfits rocket across screen and explode against stylised drums, in a representation of the bubbles in a pint. Busby Berkeley for the Matrix generation, perhaps. It’s eye-catching and despite the radical change of style, instantly recognisable as Guinness.

Trading narrative for ‘wow’ factor, with considerable success, this ad demonstrates the boys from the black stuff are back on form.