In the past, if you were followed home by animals you were either a Catholic saint or a pensioner fleeing hyenas. They can smell death, you know (both hyenas and pensioners).

The new Irn-Bru ad is more upbeat, as a drinker of the girder-based gloop is joined on a rural ramble by an animated menagerie of super-cute fauna.

The romp-along soundtrack is so perky you know a dark twist must be looming, although this viewer's first guess that the man was a delusional psychotic compelled to random acts of violence by furry, externalised demons turned out to be wrong.

Without spoiling it, there's a chilling 'lights-out' shot in the final reel that, for any cartoon animals watching, will be as traumatising as the end of Blair Witch Project when the bloke is stood facing the corner waiting to be murdered.

This is the movie Roger Rabbit would have made if he'd never got Jessica back.

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