Carlsberg’s new campaign positions it as a ‘reward’ rather than the kind of foaming punishment in a glass over-refreshed rugger-buggers sometimes impose on each other, say.

But wait! That acrid smell you whiff is stale Strongbow, the cider having long since sprayed its tangy scent on that very market-space.

The latest spot in its Hard Graft reward-themed push is dubbed Tall Order, as two dozy furniture movers haul a sofa up 25 flights of stairs, only to find well, it would be unfair to ruin the twist. The twist being that it’s the wrong sofa.

It’s probably not racist to depict the one black guy in the ad as a bad-ass, playing the hi-tech controller role Ving Rhames did in Mission: Impossible even if he has a voice so deep it makes Barry White sound like a eunuch on helium. But the character does, ironically, smack of a lack of effort.

Strongbow must graft harder for the next iteration.

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