Unilever said it pulled AdeZ because of a lack of interest and the outlay required to raise awareness. Basically, people didn't get it. Fruit juice combined with soya was a foreign concept to the British and one that was not communicated well by Unilever.

"Consumers will only purchase a brand if they understand the benefit they are receiving from it," says Sam Waterfall of brand consultancy Healthy Marketing Team. "The benefits from the brand must be more compelling and attractive than those offered by the product next to it on the shelf."

While AdeZ contained 2.7g of soy protein per 250ml serving, enough to make a heart health claim in the UK, Unilever chose not to communicate this on pack. Instead packs carried the words: "A delicious blend of fruit juices and soya with vitamins and minerals that help maintain a strong body."

"They couldn't have been less distinct," Waterfall says.

Other brands are looking to move into the space left by AdeZ, suggesting the concept is not a bad one, but that it will take time to 'sell' it to the British public.