Fairtrade fruit specialist AgroFair UK has increased its turnover by 60% on the back of greater consumer interest in supporting developing nations.

Turnover rose to £7.3m in the year to December 2007, with volume sales of fruit up 87%.

AgroFair, which supplies all the leading UK supermarkets, is co-owned by farmers in Africa and Latin America, who have been able to invest as a result of sales increases. Examples included new cold storage facilities for pineapple farmers in Costa Rica.

"What's most important about these figures is that they represent new possibilities and new opportunities for the marginalised fruit farmers who co-own our company - in education, healthcare and other vital elements of life," said MD John Bowes.

"The UK consumers' desire for Fairtrade produce and the response from major retailers has been of huge benefit to the farmers and workers who form part of AgroFair."