A host of alcoholic drinks brands were spotted on promotion by our store audit teams, and three make it into our chart. In particular, Caffreys and Strongbow were noted for making good use of multibuy promotions. Caffreys was on offer in the Spar and Londis stores visited while Strongbow featured in Costcutter and Londis.
When we asked independent retailers ­ both affiliated and unaffiliated ­ to name their best promotions of the past month, they rated Stella Artois, Foster's and Carling among the top five.
However, it is worth noting that more than half of those we quizzed this month could not think of any promotion off the top of their heads that was worth singling out for praise.
The Logobrand audit chart has changed significantly this month. Only Mí±²í¼¥r remains in the chart, climbing one place to number two. Mí±²í¼¥r promotions were also recalled by 3% of those independents we polled on the subject.
Heinz is placing an increasing amount of emphasis on the convenience sector, so it will no doubt be pleased to see itself coming in at the top of the chart with 15 percentage points, thanks to its multibuy offers on soup in Spar and Costcutter.
A tea brand again appears in the chart. However, last month we featured PG Tips which has been replaced by Tetley with 50% extra free on boxes of 80 teabags.
Two frozen brands enter the chart, Birds Eye and San Marco, both of which are offering a combination of buy one get one free offers and price promotions in the sector. Birds Eye is focused upon Costcutter while San Marco appears in Costcutter and Spar.
Competition across the chart is close, with positions one and 10 separated by seven percentage points.