51 (54)
Three Barrels
£43.1m Growth: +12.3%

A strategy of luring in a younger generation by suggesting a wide range of uses while pushing quality is paying off. It’s more of the same from now on, with new packaging lined up to give a fresher and more relevant feel.

52 (47)
£42.7m Growth: -1.5%

Corona has been in transition after a distribution switch from Wells & Young’s to Molson Coors early in 2011. It has since become the biggest outdoor advertiser in world beer - and gone big with a 71cl bottle too.

53 (64)
Russian Standard
: £42.2m Growth: +33%

Having invested £3m in an ad campaign that will be seen by more than 12 million consumers over the year, Russian Standard is growing fast - 25 times faster than the wider vodka off-trade category, to be precise.

54 (62)
: £41.7m Growth: +27.2%

Its impressive growth may well get even better this summer, as Heineken backs the Olympics and becomes James Bond’s beverage of choice - and, next season, continues sponsoring the UEFA Champions League.

55 (81)
Turner Road
: £41.3m Growth: +63.2%

Turner Road was one of the few wine brands to post robust volume and value sales growth over the past year. In a period that has seen the volume share of the United States wine market pulled back in the off-trade as Spanish and Italian wines hit more competitive price points, this is an impressive feat.

The brand has benefited from heavy promotional activity, particularly half-price deals on its Reserve lines - indeed, the total brand was on promotion in the major supermarkets for 47 weeks out of the last 52 [BrandView.co.uk 52 w/e 28 April 2012]. It ran 34 promotions over the period, of which almost three quarters (25) were ‘save’ deals. Tesco has promoted the brand more strongly than any of the other big five, offering an average saving of 48%.

Accolade, which acts as European distributor on behalf of Constellation Brands, says retailers have been buying into Turner Road for its quality and consistency - and adds that its hummingbird design helps it stand out in the Californian wine section.

“The Turner Road winery has focused hugely on quality, investing in sustainable viticulture and wetlands to process waste water,” says an Accolade spokesman, “so consistency is very high.”

56 (53)
: £41.1 Growth: +4.2%

Maxxium has been pushing its premium VSOP variant over the past year, helping bolster value sales despite a volume decline. Now it’s hoping to mix things up by selling itself to hip young things as a cocktail component.

57 (56)
Oxford Landing
£40.3m Growth: +11.1%

This Australian wine brand is looking to capitalise on its double-digit growth with a cross-track poster campaign on the Tube and major London rail stations, along with ongoing tweaks to refine its labelling.

58 (69)
Frosty Jack’s
: £40.2m Growth: +31.8%

Frosty Jack’s growth comes from a broad range of shoppers seeking value in a difficult climate. The white cider is revamping its digital strategy and will invest heavily in social media, particularly Facebook.

59 (70)
£37.4m Growth: +22.8%

Canti is a rarity in Italian wines - a well-known brand with a commitment to marketing, with ads in print media and on buses and taxis. It’s equally at home in the big four and in Harrods, which has a Canti prosecco bar.

60 (61)
Arniston Bay
£36.9m Growth: +12.2%

This South African wine is all about relaxation - so it chose a narrow boat for a sampling tour fronted by TV presenter Craig Doyle. Sales were also buoyed by the arrival of its Arniston Bay Light wines in Asda.