Aspall Imperial cyder

Aspall’s cyder is returning to India after 100 years

Aspall is launching its Suffolk cyder into India – 110 years since it was last available there.

Aspall’s Premier Cru, Perronelle’s Blush and Imperial are rolling out to 11 stores in Mumbai operated by retailer Godrej Nature’s Basket, with the possibility of extending the rollout to Maharashtra and Bangalore. The cyders will also be available in on-trade venues in Mumbai.

Aspall’s Suffolk cyder was previously distributed in India in 1902, when Lord Kitchener of Khartoum – also Baron of Aspall – had the cyder sent over by his cousin JB Chevallier, great-grandfather of current Aspall owners Barry and Henry Chevallier Guild.

It was consumed in officers’ messes across India, according to the company.

“We are delighted our cyder is available to the Indian market again after an absence of 110 years, and are very much looking forward to working with Godrej Nature’s Basket,” said Henry Chevallier Guild. “Our cyder has been available in other emerging markets such as Russia, Japan, Brazil and China for several years now, and this seemed the right time to return to the Indian market.

“If you look back in history, before India Pale Ale became the staple of the empire, it was the English cyders the East India captains would carry as their alcohol stock,” Chevallier Guild added. “Like Aspall Cyder, all of these cyders were spelt with a ‘y’, likely denoting they were double-fermented to a higher alcohol to survive the journey.”

Aspall was founded by Clement Chevallier in 1728, and is now owned and managed by the 8th generation of the Chevallier family. It produces a range of cyders, vinegars and apple juice.