Kopparberg Mixed Fruit
: £19.6m
Growth: +123%
Swedish brand Kopparberg, which entered the UK six years ago with a pear cider, is focusing on apple this year - just as some of the biggest players expand into pear.

Clearly, it’s willing to swim against the flow - and that’s one of the reasons it has built up such a strong following as a pioneer of fruit cider. Indeed, its Mixed Fruit blend has recorded stellar growth in the past year, and now stands just £0.8m below its original pear variant.

Much of Kopparberg’s early success was down to word of mouth, as the brand didn’t launch its first TV push until May 2011, when it ran a stylish ad set in a nightclub with a soundtrack by dance-punk duo Sleigh Bells.

With not an orchard in sight, it was a long way from typical cider advertising - and Kopparberg is following it up this year with a £10m investment, again across the brand as a whole.

The brand will now be hoping its Naked Apple Cider, rolled out in April, goes down as well as Mixed Fruit. With a taste described as between traditional dry-tasting British or Irish ciders and the sweetness of Swedish ciders, the latest variant is designed to offer 25 to 34-year-old men something they’re more likely to stick with on a night out than a fruit cider.

Marques de Carano
£17.8m Growth: +103.6%
Exclusive to Tesco, Marques de Carano wines have enjoyed stellar growth over the past year following strong promotional support for 47 weeks out of 52 [BrandView.co.uk]. The majority were ‘save’ deals offering an average 46% price reduction.

Blaxland Estate
£19m Growth: +97%
Blaxland Estate’s Chardonnay and Shiraz, from Kingsland Wines & Spirits, are yet more wines exclusive to Tesco in the UK off-trade. They peak at a £9.99 price tag, but have been on deal for 31 weeks of the past year at an average cut of 50%.

Rawnsley Estate
£16.7m Growth: +65.6%
What’s behind the stellar growth of Tesco’s Rawnsley Estate wines? The fact that the Australian brand - which peaks at a price of £10.99 - has been on deal for 36 weeks over the last year with an average depth of 50% might have helped a bit.

Beck’s Vier
£20.4m Growth: +49.8%
Inspired by the square-based glasses used for Vier in pubs, in August 2011, Beck’s rolled out square-necked bottles for its 4% abv lager and backed the launch with its first national TV activity since 2008. The result? An impressive 50% sales rise.

: £18.2m Growth: +35.8%
We tipped it as one to watch in 2011, but despite stonking sales growth, Jägermeister has again narrowly missed out on the top 100. It’s just announced a tour of 25 festivals this summer - will that be enough to help it shoot up the ranks next year?

Coors Light
£18m Growth: +30.7%
The Muscles from Brussels has helped Coors Light muscle its way up the rankings and into our Ones To Watch. Will the next £2m wave of Jean-Claude Van Damme adverts, unveiled a week ago, help it make the top 100 over the coming months?

Magners Pear
: £20.9m Growth: +28.5%
Looking at the growth of Magners Pear over the past 12 months, it’s clear why Stella Cidre and Strongbow have recently launched into the pear market. It will be interesting to see how Magners owner C&C Group reacts to the newcomers.

First Cape Café Collection
: £19.3m Growth: +27.1%
Former Mis-Teeq rapper Alesha Dixon has helped wine producer First Cape hit the bullseye with its ‘lighter’ 5.5% abv range Café Collection. The company has tipped sales of lighter wine to exceed £300m in the off-trade by the end of 2015.

£13.2m Growth: +26.4%
Strong but silent, Gaymers’ 8.4% abv cider has had a grand year despite minimal marketing (it doesn’t even feature on the company website). Owner C&C should enjoy it while it lasts - K is likely to come under pressure when minimum pricing arrives.