Oddbins boss Simon Baile has predicted tough times ahead for the booze cruise market in Calais.

The pound's slump against the euro and deals run by supermarkets in the UK have ended the heyday of the booze cruise, which was the principal business for British stores in the town. Baile said tough trading conditions would lead to changes in the number and size of stores in Calais.

"I don't think we will see everyone in the same place with the same amount of stores," Baile warned. "The market in Calais is not as big as it was five or six years ago and I think we will see a complete revolution over there."

Baile made the comment after it emerged that the Oddbins store in Calais has closed for relocation. He said he did not know when or where the store would reopen as it is run by a franchisee, Couleur Latitude.

"They want to relocate to a better site," Baile added. "It's not us, so I don't know about it."

Oddbins faced tough competition in Calais from Tesco, Sainsbury's and Majestic Wine.

Neither Sainsbury's nor Tesco would reveal sales or footfall figures for their Calais depots. But in its June 2009 trading update, Majestic said its Calais warehouse had seen a major drop in customers. The number of transactions fell 27% and average spend was down 7%.

The Oddbins Calais website confirmed that the site has closed and although it said it would reopen at a new site, it gave no location, date or contact details. Oddbins Calais is not taking any pre-orders.

Couleur could not be reached for a comment.